Blondie & Bubble T ...the Beginning

Bubble T grew up in the quiet shadow of city that never sleeps, which became her playground as soon as she was able to run in stilettos, which was before most girls could wobble about in a kitten heel. Before she could even blink an eye, she was a university student in the great metropolis where she dreamed of one day becoming a helpful and life altering psychologist. Using her amazing brain power, Bubble T quickly won over her professors and brilliantly whizzed through her classes.

Upon achieving her academic goals, Bubble T decided to put her less well known talents to better use by protecting down trodden, Dickensian and generally clueless from both themselves and those who would use and abuse such helpless individuals.  A super sexy, super smart and fashion forward super heroine, Bubble T has decided to expand her repertoire by adding Con Consultant to her super powers.

By day she is a psychologist, ever vigilant in finding and deterring criminals-in-training from the path of an eventual beat down by the more fashionable version of the Dynamic Duo.  At night she is the masked, ebullient half of the crime fighting, con advising Dynamic Duo of Blondie & Bubble T.  Currently she resides in a swanky five floor walk up where she keeps her stunning shoe collection, her cat Squeeks, her goldfish Slim and Wandsworth and a seriously large can of Whoop-Arse.