Thursday, September 22, 2011

Con*Verse Launch

Blondie and I have been talking about starting up a blog for a few years now.  We've attended a number of conventions, faires, and other social gatherings that pertain to our inner geek and nerd and come across not only some interesting characters, but some equally intriguing stories.

Some of the big name events that we attend span the US from Comic Con, Dragon*Con, New York ComicCon, Big Apple Con, just to name a few.  In addition, we've become well acquainted with a number of renaissance faires, and LARPs. 

Starting out as faire and con-goers a number of years ago we completely recognize how exciting the prospect is to be going to your first convention or faire.  However, we sympathize with everyone else who is starting out and feels terribly confused, as well.  There is the thrill of buying or creating your very first costume to the confidence shattering throws of disappointment at the first wardrobe malfunction or horrifically maimed costume attempt.  We've been through it all! 

Con*Verse was launched as our combined effort to waylay some of the assumptions about events, provide feedback about everything from what you wear down to what type of cleanser you pack, and interject our opinions about overall etiquette at cons and faires.  

We hope our posts are helpful and even if they aren't, they spark discussions with readers.  Please join us on our journey to fight for truth, love, and justice... ok well maybe not justice (our opinions will just have to do).  Maybe not so much the love part either (but we will be providing some surefire tips and tricks to up your game at interacting with the opposite sex and attempting the exciting event of speed dating!) Guess that leaves us with the truth, hm... well we'll work on that one.

For now we'll go with just launching the blog and leave you with a snippet from one of my favorite shows, Venture Brothers (season 1, episode 9), Are you There God, It's Me Dean:

[the Monarch has Brock Sampson right where he wants him]
The Monarch: Release the butterflies.
[Dead butterflies fall on Brock]
The Monarch: Okay, whose job was it to feed the butterflies?

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